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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Interesting Orkut Toolbar for Firefox users !!

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums.

With Orkut Toolbar all you need is type your entire text without any formatting code and then select the desired parts of text and apply the format using the toolbar buttons. Much like you do in OpenOffice, MS Word or any other text editor.

To download the toolbar just visit

Be Careful with Ctrl +C

Be careful when using ctrl+c for copy

We do copy various data by ctrl+c for pasting elsewhere. This copied
data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net by a
combination of Javascripts and ASP.

Just try this:
1) Copy any text by ctrl+c
2) Click the Link:
3) You will see the text you copied on the Screen which was
accessed by this web page.

Do not keep sensitive data (like passwords, creditcard numbers, PIN
etc.) in the clipboard while surfing the web. It is extremely easy to
extract the text stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive

But the solution is here itself...

Go to Tools->Internet Options.
Click on the Security Tab.
Click on "Custom Level."
Scroll down to the Scripting section under Settings.
Set "Allow paste operations via script" to Disable or Prompt.
Press the OK buttons to close the dialog boxes.

I hope this information helps you in someway or the other..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Unknown Windows XP Programs

1- Private Character Editor

This program is for designing icons and Characters(Alphapet)

Click :start

Then :run



2- iExpress

This Program is for conerting your files to EXCUTABLE files

Click : start

Then : run

Type : iexpress


3-Disk Cleanup

This program used for cleaning harddisk to offer space

Click : start

Then : run

Type : cleanmgr


4-Dr Watson

This program Is for repairing problems in Windows

Click : start

Then : run

Type : drwtsn32


5-Windows Media Player 5.1

Opens the old media player

Click : start

Then : run

Type : mplay32

Enjoy !!

My own Google Page !!

Today is a great day for me.I got an invite from Google to create my account on Google Pages.This is what I love about Google.And best of all its absolutely Free !!
I have been a great admirer of Google™ and have been using most of their services from GMail to Google Groups.
Google Pages is simply superb. Web designing never was so simple and cool.
Currently it offers about 100MB of webspace.
You can visit my googlepage account at
Thank you very much God and Google for answering my prayers !!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Double click on any word to find its meaning !!

I always try to make my site as user friendly as possible.
With this intention in mind, I have introduced the 'double click feature' on my site with the help of
Just double click on any word on my site and you will be target to a new window wherein you will get the defination of the word.
Happy Surfing!

Tips for choosing strong,secure passwords

Passwords are the foundation of computer security and should not be taken lightly. Many do take them very lightly however, opting for easy-to-remember names or words, citing the difficulty of remembering a secure password. I ask you: in the long run, is it more important to have an easy-to-remember password, or a bank account that’s safe from criminals? If you chose the latter, read on…

  • Do not use names, nor words found in the dictionary. There are programs and viruses that spend all day slamming networks with dictionary attacks; dictionary attack is a term for a brute force cracking method wherein the criminal tries to log into a computer hundreds of times per second, using random combinations of names and words found in the dictionary.
  • Your password’s length should not be excessively short. Choose one that’s at least 8 characters long.
  • I should not even have to approach the topic of passwords such as “1111″, “123″ and “qwerty”. Don’t even think about it.
  • Select an alphanumeric password, meaning that it contains both letters and numbers. Try appending a random number to the end of the password, or replacing one or two letters with numbers.
  • Instead of using the same password for everything you access, choose a root password, then take the name of the service or application you’re accessing, replace a few letters with numbers (or jumble it up), and append it to the end of your root password.
  • Use a password generating program.
    • PWGen asks you to input some entropy and then generates extremely strong passwords.
    • Tony Lieuallen’s Phonetic Password Generator creates passwords comprised of random letters and number, in a grammatically-based pattern that makes similar to actual words and therefore easier to remember than purely random passwords.
  • Finally, if you must write down your new, safe, secure password, put it on a peice of paper and store it in a safe place like your wallet (or if you’re so inclined, put your passwords in a text file and encrypt it).
Source : Create Strong,Secure Passwords

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Google's Page Creator

Not content with just searching the web, Google now wants to help you add more pages to the sprawling collection of websites that make up the internet

Following on the heels of the likes of Google Talk, Google Base and Google Desktop, is the Search giant's latest free application, Page Creator, a basic web-based program that allows for the simple creation and publishing of web pages.

Moreover, one need not master web programming languages, like Javascript, or the ability to upload pages to a webserver to create there site. Intended as a simplistic way for less-technical people to put up a web page, the free web service will compete with products from Microsoft, Apple Computer, Adobe and News Corp's MySpace.

Individual pages will be hosted at “” and each user will be able to store up to 100 MB of information, including images. Pages created with Page Creator will be crawled by Google within a few hours, making the content immediately searchable.
Although the service is free and the application can be run on any operating system or computer, its web-basis means you must be online to use it. You also need to have a Google account and Gmail address.

There's a limit in terms of bandwidth, mainly intended to counteract spammers. Moreover, the company claiming that most people are unlikely to reach the limit.

Although it provides several themes and a few different page layout options, the service won’t allow for the implementation of interactive elements or ecommerce facilities.

Windows XP boots on Intel Mac

A competition to get Windows XP running on an Intel version of the Apple Mac has already been won.

Blogger Colin Nederkroon started the competition by putting up $100 of his own money as a prize.

"My new Apple MacBook shipped on 22 February. I told my boss that this would replace my IBM desktop and I could boot Windows XP on it. I am still confident it can be done," Nederkoorn's website said.

According to a short message on the " contest has been won - updates to follow shortly".

The competition winners, who go by the usernames 'narf2006' and 'blanka', provided a video showing how to make the system run Windows XP.

As well as offering his own money, Nederkoorn also accepted donations from anyone who wanted the instructions on how to dual boot the two operating systems. The total prize was $13,854.

The competition had strict rules, including that the Mac must boot Windows XP rather than any other version of Windows, the two operating systems had to co-exist on the machine, and users must be able to choose which OS to boot up when the computer is started.

However, hardcore PC gamers hoping to migrate to a Mac system will be disappointed. "There is no chance you could play a game using this solution," Nederkoorn said in his blog.

Best Tutorials on the Net !!

: Adobe Photoshop ::

:: Adobe Illustrator ::,00.html,00.html

:: 3d Studio Max ::

:: Dream weaver ::

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Save Flash in Mozilla Firefox !!

This is a very common question " How to save a flash file embedded in a webpage? "
Here is the workaround:
1.Open the webpage containing the flash file in Mozilla Firefox ™
2.Select Tools >> Page Info >> Media.
3.Select the Flash file to be saved and click "Save As".

Note :: Please do check for copyright notices before using any of the saved flash files.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Short Quiz for the techies out there !!

Scenario 1: You are using Windows 9X. You have access only as a user and no administrative powers. You want to access the shared computers or anything that is usually inaccessible for that matter. What do you do?

Solution: The easiest thing to do is, log in as some user. Search for *.pwl files and delete. Now you can give your own password on startup.

Scenario 2: You have to frequently change computers. You use a dial up internet connection. You cannot remember the passwords, numbers and stuff. What do you do?
Solution: All the necessary information is stored in the Windows Registry.

Go to Start >> Run and type Regedit
Go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key on the left-hand side and click the + to expand Highlight the Remote Access folder
Click the Registry menu then choose Export Registry File...
Give it a name and a destination.
All your dial-up info is now on the disk.

Go to the machine you want to work on, run Regedit again, and import the file. Since you only copied the Dial-up Networking portion, you won't mess with any of the other settings.

Scenario 3: You just installed that new software you got, your OS asks you to restart. You restart your system only to find that your system is behaving erratically. What do you do to restore the sanity?
Solution: Boot from the Bootable diskette, type 'scanreg' at the prompt, the registry is backed up and you may restore the older backup. It fixes the problem.

Scenario 4: You realize that your system no longer is as fast as it used to be. You know for sure that the culprit is the softwares that load on startup. Also you find that not all softwares allow you to disable this. What do you do?
Solution: Type 'msconfig' in start>run. Here you can control the startup files at the tab labeled 'startup'.

Scenario 5: You have accidentally deleted a system file and you want to replace only that file back. What do you do?
Solution: Run a tiny tool called 'sfc' from start>run. Check for modified, corrupt and deleted files and restore them from the Disk.

Queries welcome.

The above material is an original work of the author.
It is not bound by any copyright law and can be used for any purpose. The author is not responsible for its further use.

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Generate random text in MS Word!

Open a blank document in MS Word

Type the following code to generate the random text

=rand(10,5) and press enter !!

Voila you see 10 paragraphs generated automatically each containing the sentence

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” five times.

The code generalized:



The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” contains all the alphabets of the English Language.

When is it useful?

You are developing a template, say for example a brochure and need of sample text to preview the layout, you can use the above code to generate text automatically.

Enjoy the code!!

Free Ebook on HTML !!

This is a small guide to learn HTML prepared by my friend Rahul Srivastav and myself.

It provides an easy to learn method of grasping all the important tags in html and has examples to support the theory.

The tutorial is provided in pdf format and is surely going to help you learn the basics of html

Download the HTML Tutorial

Click here for download instructions.

Instructions for downloading files

  1. Click on the download link.
  2. You will redirected to the '' website.
  3. Select your download option as either Premium (If you have a premium account with Rapidshare) or choose the free download option.
  4. Wait for the download counter to count down to zero.
  5. Select the appropriate mirror for download.
  6. You will be asked to enter the verification code.
  7. Enter the right verification code and click download link to download the file.

Make your website a better place to surf

With more than 200 websites springing up everyday making your website popular is really a hard job. As a result I found it appropriate to list some ideas that you can use to make your website a better place to surf.

Learn by example
The best way to learn building a good website is to have a look at poorly designed websites. You will find many of them on the net.
For more information have a look at

Avoid heavy Graphics as much as possible

The fastest way to lose your audience is make it wait a long time for your home page (generally index.html) to download. Many web surfers dislike heavy graphics and multimedia since it tends to slow your website down. According to studies, if a surfer does not get what he wants within seconds then he shall surf somewhere else. Hence the bottom-line is make your page load faster .Lets see how to achieve this.

Calculate Download Time
Apply the formula file size/rate = time .For eg. a file size that’s 20 units downloading at 10 units a second will download in 2 seconds. Just because you have a 28.8 modem (which is meant to download 2.88 KB a seconds), doesn’t imply that a 100KB file downloads in 34 secs (100KB / 2.88 KBps = 34 secs).But do consider factors like Internet congestion and performance of the web server.
The conclusion is that calculating download time is essentially an estimate.

The three important tools you require to build your website are:-
1.Good Imagination (which all VITians have!!)
2. HTML editor
3.and of course a reliable web hosting service.
If you intend to build a professional website lay your hands on macromedia dreamweaver , a gem of a software that has an exhaustive range of tools to materialize your dreams. For newbies try your very own Microsoft FrontPage or Yahoo Sitebuilder. Yahoo Sitebuilder has really cool templates and one can build good websites in hours. Best of all, its FREE!!(

Original Content
Needless to say, include original content in your web. Most of the content on the net is “public” in nature (i.e. can be freely used).Sites containing stolen materials draw very few visitors (including the web designer!!).Also frequently update your site since web is a live medium and is constantly changing. This keeps your loyal visitors to visit your site again and again.

Be Interactive
Allow users to send comments , suggestions ,articles etc by using interactive forms .A dry website which has only contents to read with no user interaction doesn’t attract a good net provides such interactive form templates in which the information entered by the user is sent to an email address specified in the html code. Software Gurus can use CGI (Common Gateway Interface) which is a definition of the standard method of communication between a script and web server.

Use hidden links
Place a gif or a jpg image having the same color as that of your background somewhere near the bottom of your webpage. Link this to the URL of a famous site which offers the same content that your site does. For eg. If your website offers java tutorials, link it to . This enables the search spiders to index your site and ensure better ranking in their search results.
Ensure that the image link gets camouflaged with page background.

Avoid Spam
Spammers search websites for mailto links. Hence if it is necessary for you to put your email address, place it as a gif image. Also don’t name this link as email.gif. Spammers are really smart. So you should be much smarter.

Check for browser compatibility
Do test your website on different browsers like IE, Netscape, firefox etc before you upload your site .Remember nobody is going to switch browsers just to see your website. For more information on browser compatibility see

Place alternate text
Put an alternative text for your images. This has two advantages. First being the text gets displayed as your image downloads. Hence user’s time is not wasted as he is busy reading your text messages. The second one is that it helps those who have text based browsers or have turned off images in their browser settings.
Submit your URL to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista etc.
Please avoid
1. Excessive animation
2. Broken links
3. Using fonts that your users don’t have.
4. Bad English with spelling errors. (Don’t be kids yaar)
5. Underconstruction notices.
6. Using plug-ins. (Users never bother to download these)
7. Frames (Many web designers like frames but most users don’t.)
So wishing you all the best and I expect a great site from you soon. Any suggestions and comments are warmly welcomed.

Get Help in MS DOS

Have you ever missed the HELP in DOS?

here is how you can get it.

type the command you wanted to get help on followed by ‘/’ and ‘?’

C:\WINDOWS>cd /?
Displays the name of or changes the current directory.

CHDIR [drive:][path]
CD [drive:][path]

.. Specifies that you want to change to the parent directory.

Type CD drive: to display the current directory in the specified drive.
Type CD without parameters to display the current drive and directory.

Change the command prompt

Change the Windows command prompt.

PROMPT [text]

text Specifies a new command prompt.

Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes:

$Q = (equal sign)
$$ $ (dollar sign)
$T Current time
$D Current date
$P Current drive and path
$V Windows version number
$N Current drive
$G > (greater-than sign)
$L prompt $$

see now you get a prompt that looks like $ used in UNIX

ps: my prompt displays anything typed after prompt as the new prompt!!

Copy text from the command prompt

Let us talk this time about some features of MS DOS.

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be if
you could copy the text on the command prompt window?
Here’s how you can do it.

1.If you are not running WINDOWS, do it!
2.After you boot windoze, run the command prompt.
3.You can usually find it in start>programs>MS-DOS prompt
or go to start>run , type command and hit return.
4.If it runs in the full screen mode, switch to the windowed mode.
You can do it by hitting Alt+Enter.
5. Now click on the tiny MS-DOS icon on the top left corner of
the window.You will get a menu.
6.On the menu, navigate to EDIT>MARK and click on it.
7.Now you will see a white box like cursor on top of the screen.
Drag it as you do to mark the necessary text.Do it as you
do in any wordprocessor.
8.Then hit enter or go back to the edit menu and click on copy.
9.Voila! you just copied from the prompt.

Here’s another trick. Are you bored of writing long paths?

Drag the folder whose path you need to write and
you automatically get it in the prompt.

If you are a Unix fan and hate retyping the commands you have
already typed, MS ships a tiny program called DOSKEY that
solves your problem.
Type DOSKEY in the prompt to install it for your session, then
you can simply recall the previously typed commands by pressing
the UP and the DOWN arrow

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